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"Daming flourishing map" is one of the ten most famous paintings in China. It is confirmed by the Chinese calligraphy and calligraphy association that the real trace of the "great Ming Dynasty map" is still valued by the folk, Jing Jiade and Pauli one line auction companies.


he painting and calligraphy volume of Daming flourishing is composed of five parts.


A painting, seal characters, Daming spirit, renxu Yuan Jiang. In the Ming Yingzong orthodox seven years to complete the work, in 1442. At the time, he was fifty-four years old. Ming emperor one family, the Royal Nanjing the Qinhuai River nine years later, Prince Qizhen has Zhu Ming Yingzong emperor ascended the throne seven years.


Two, the main picture scroll, Kinumoto, pen, 419x26.5 cm, line drawing and halo leaf trace. Describe the Nanjing Tongji gate, until today that the Chinese treasure door door, ten people in the Qinhuai River in the Ming Dynasty scenery, ten landscape. The Great Hall of the Confucius temple, the world, Wen Deqiao, Wen Shu Gong Yuan, 564 years ago the landscape visible before the eyes. On the screen, there are more than five hundred and twenty Ming Dynasty characters, Emperor empress Prince of the emperor, Emperor son of the emperor, other imperial people of the Ming Dynasty, the people of all walks of life of the society, lively, bustling and bustling about the Qinhuai River, a good map of the Ming Dynasty.


hree, Jiangsu Futai Liu Hong general introduction to Dai Jin, painting. In the picture above the margin line, always with the picture.


Four, Weng Qing Guangxu nine years for review. When one machine at the Ministry of Shang Weng minister. The evaluation of running script is as follows: after reading this picture, it is a rare treasure. In the Ming Dynasty, Dai Jin's pen teacher went away from his horse, and his writing style was exquisite rather than the analogy of a painter.

五、收藏印。萬歷 鑒藏寳 朱印,位於題跋。

Five. Collection. Wanli connoisseur Po Zhu India, in the preface and postscript.


Techniques for identification of "great Ming Dynasty"


Dai Jincheng was in a very awkward position before the picture of Daming flourishing. Yuan Jiang, the word "Yuan", is written in a very small way. As a court fugitive, Dai Jin always reminds himself to be "careful". Jiangsu Futai Liu, writing Dai Jin Jing Xiang father, "auspicious" word write only half, two Governor Liu, avoid criminal taboo words. Ming emperor kill Dai Lun, Dai Jingxiang ominous. Dai Jin Xuanzong fled, encounter a tour of Nanjing, the idea of painting. Put into one until the pope at the age of sixteen when the reign was announced, "Daming" spirit, promote hidemune wise. Fourteen years later, in the eight years of Zong Jingtai in the Ming Dynasty, Ying Zong came back with the identity of the hostage, once again the emperor, from which the public opinion of "the great Ming Dynasty" was influenced by the public opinion. The volume of Ming Ming flourishing is one of the best works of Ming Dynasty painter Dai Jin. Dai Wen Jin word, No. Jingan, Jade Spring, who was good at painting. Young leaves and long Cheng Dexu home all, bearing rate of Ma Yuan and Xia GUI. People, ghosts, flowers, birds and animals are very delicate. Light weight design skillfully, nor to don Song Xianxian. The painting way is released with iron wire, and also with halo leaf drawing. The characters in cursive with frustration, since the stunt, far out and the people on the Southern Song Dynasty, became the first draw flow. In the Hongwu years, has been living in Jinling, painting industry. In Yongle years, with his father king Xiang to the capital, open the realm. Until the period of the Xuan De, the name of his painting was more famous. Emperor Xuanzong was enlisted in the palace court, and he was consecrated to Ni Duan, Li Zaishi, Ruizhou and Wen Jing. The mountains and waters that he made were Guo Xi, Li Tang and other flower and bird characters. Fine brushwork odd integer fine, especially the skill of deep respect for Du Zhanzhuan itself and envious of the.






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