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        都说,20多岁的人,发自己3年前的视频,纯属自黑?。如果算不上自黑,则说明自己进步不大。差不多两个3年过去了,发与不发,是一个问题!然而,记忆中除了那个嫩头青的自己,还有一路相助,一路相伴的老师和朋友。于是,这一期“羊说”,实则是感谢这样一些人:川大任文院长、克非老师、胡敏霞老师、费健博兄、尹江兄、Thomas Sharples博士。当然,也感谢外研社,推举当时的我参加了2011年的亚洲辩论赛(Asian Institute Debate),打开了我进步的另一扇窗口。

        演讲是一门艺术,是一种领导力的语言(language as leadership)。领导力,是一种认知、行动、影响力的合一:你不仅要知道如何行走,还要自己实实在在地去走,并且告诉更多的人去走(A leader knows the way, goes the way and shows the way)。演讲不是说教;极好的演讲,几乎每一句都具有行动力(actionable)。正如哲学家维特根斯坦说的:Words are deeds, speech is action (文字即行为,言语即行动)。演讲就是将这种关系发挥到极致。无论是葛底斯堡演说中林肯的革命现实主义(realist and revolutionist),还是丘吉尔面对纳粹的永不言弃(Never never never give up), 演讲把你所知,你所为,以一种艺术的形式表达,且在听众心中达成一种长期稳定的期望。



2010“外研社杯”全国英语演讲大赛89进60已备演讲:_____ is my top concern

To Execute Plans Is My Top Concern

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen!

    Lose ten pounds. Read ten books. Win the girl's heart. Good plan!

    Still the same weight.

    Still the same books.

    She's now with another man.

    Bad execution!

    We like to make plans. But plans do not always turn into results, or more exactly, the results we want. Then why are we making all these plans? Why is it so hard to carry out the plans? Is it, after all, possible to achieve our goals?

    Suppose that life is a novel and we are, of course, the novelists. So it's only natural that we are striving for a perfect plot, without which the novel would only be dull and monotonous. But don't forget that we are also the protagonists; that while we create our lives, we also experience them; that if we simply write a plot and do not cement it with actions, we're only getting a good novel, rather than a fantastic real-life story. That's the peril of inaction, the danger of not meaning what we say, and the biggest stumbling block on the road to achieving our goals.

    Fortunately, inaction has not conquered us all. When the financial crisis was taking its toll, governments acted promptly to protect their people; when the H1N1 pandemic was plaguing the globe, medical forces acted boldly to contain the disease; when the World Expo 2010 was held in Shanghai, the world acted collaboratively and harmoniously to share the fruits of urban civilizations. That's the power of action. That's why I'm here today, not asking you to meet any international challenge, but to meet one's personal challenge, to shake off the inaction within us. I know how hard this might be, especially after repeated failures in carrying out the plans. But let us begin, let us try, and let us try again. Let there be a dynamic interaction between the novelist and the protagonist within us. When there's a perfect plot, execute; when the plot is flawed, rethink, redesign and rewrite.

    Ten pounds, half way there.

    Ten books, almost there.

    The girl, a long, long way to go.

    But life is an open road!


Watch the video and make comments:


If you had the opportunity, what would you write to put into the time capule for your schoolmates to read 50 years later?


Dear schoolmates,

    I am writing to you in the year of 2010 with great hope and anticipation. I know that in the year of 2060, the world will be very different from now, for better or for worse. I don't know you, but I know that we share some common hope and aspiration. I remember indifference makes no difference. So we must be the change we want to see in the world. I have three suggestions: know yourself, know your fields and know the world.

    Please remember the wise saying from the great philosopher Socrates, "γνῶθι σεαυτόν"--- to know yourself. To know yourself, you must be the leader of your own life, instead of the follower or the copier. And by consulting your intuition, you can truly be different. Do not be the second version of someone else. Be the first version of yourself.

    And also we need to know our fields. Please choose a subject or a field according to your passion and your strength. Remember we should not only make a decent earning, but also use our expertise to improve the lot of others. And by helping other people, we can find something bigger in ourselves that can sustain our life and make our future more wonderful.

    And to choose a field, you must know the world. Now the world is far from good. There are numerous threats: nuclear weapons, poverty, diseases and terrorism, which have turned our beautiful motherland into a wasteland. But it is up to us to determine, and to turn our wasteland into a wonderland. Remember that the ultimate test of our human conscience is whether we can sacrifice something today for the benefit of other people and our future generation, whose voices may not even be heard.

    Ladies and gentlemen, please remember from inner sunshine to the outward sunshine, we should know ourselves, know our fields, and know the world. Dear classmates, the world must be very different; however, I will also work hard and exercise regularly to keep fit, so that I will not be outlived by the 50 years time and join you to turn our vision into reality. See you in fifty years!

    Thank you!







四川大学  向杨


这次比赛的成绩和许多人都分不开。首先感谢四川大学外国语学院任文副院长的鼓励和教导,特别感谢四川大学费健博师兄的专业的带队指导和辛勤培训,感谢川大尹江兄的一路相扶,感谢川大胡敏霞老师和牛津大学化学博士Thomas Sharples的培训与支持。Your help and support make that moment not only possible, but also necessary! (你们的帮助和支持不仅让这一刻成为可能,也让这一刻成为必须!)




60进18是最为令人担忧的,由于淘汰率很高,即兴演讲又捉摸不定,当时的我最为紧张。抽到的题目为:如果你能写一封信放入时空胶囊中给50年后的大学校友,你会写什么?经过仔细斟酌,最后思路定为:know yourself, know your field, know the world. 当时我上台后心砰砰地跳,加上要用书信体的方式给观众道来,因而整个演讲稍显拘谨,之前想到的几句punchline有点卡,当时真是捏了一把汗。我硬着头皮回答完两个评委的提问,感觉这下子没戏了。我走下台,等待最后的结果。最后还是进了下一轮,有一点经验值得总结:回答问题要切题,切勿套用之前背的不相关的东西。

18进6是如是进行,选手抽签分6组,每组3人,每组分配1名之前排名前6的选手作为种子选手,3个人讲同一个话题,最后每组只能晋级1人。我不是种子选手,我也没有那么多压力。我们组当时抽到的题正好是来源于“哈佛大学开放课程——公正:该如何做是好?”,说的是一辆刹车失灵的trolley car将会kill轨道前面的5个工人,在这一瞬间你可以将trolley car转向旁边的轨道,解救5个工人,却得kill另一个轨道上的1个工人。我对这类哲学问题,真是如鱼得水一般。在分析该问题隐含的边沁的功利主义的基础上引入康德的道德哲学。在以康德的Starry skies above me and moral laws within me结束extension speech的时候, 我知道我赢了。到此为止,我已无所畏惧。

6进4和冠亚季军争夺赛是一个环节的,6个选手分别抽到一处代表中国特色的景点,有长城,黄河,曲阜的孔庙,三峡大坝,鸟巢,天坛。6个景点中只能有一个入选国务院新闻办对外的宣传片。选手得先各自说明为什么要选自己抽的景点,然后与debating panel进行辩论。我当时抽到了黄河,在准备过程中,费兄给了我很多点子,我也渐渐发现自己已经进入flow的状态。在结合费兄的点子和自己对黄河的哲学解释后,我进入了最后4个人的冠军争夺赛。最后的冠军争夺赛中,我发现自己如有破茧般的感觉,除了自己表情有点严肃外,其他方面都以进入最佳状态。可能是前面的6进4分数有些拖后腿,最后以第4名成绩告别FLTRP。

我在台上的获奖感言:I am exhausted but I am more excited. I come to understand that this certificate is not just for an individual, but for a team, my coaches, friends and families. In fact, this is my third time taking part in this competition. I failed much, but I failed better. Try, fail, try again, fail again! This time I know I win! I win your hearts! (“我很疲惫但也很兴奋。我知道这个奖状不是给我一个人的,而是一个团队,我的教练、朋友和家人。事实上,这次是我第三次参加这个比赛。我败得很惨,但每次都败得更体面了。尝试,失败,再尝试,再失败!这一次我赢了,我赢得了你们的心!”)

这次比赛我做了长期准备,背了大量的名人名言,浏览了海量的英文杂志和网页。比赛的过程中,我的状态是渐入佳境,到了最后角逐时,完全是:not to pray for the task equal to my power, but to pray for the power equal to the task. (不是祈祷接到符合自己能力的挑战,而是祈祷自己能具有符合挑战的能力)人是可以在比赛中发掘潜力的,然而当这一切都结束,无论自己是季军还是冠军,都仅仅是一个开始。演讲并不是为比赛的舞台而生,它应为人生的舞台而生。




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